Terms to be approved when registering as a panelist

By approving these terms the Panelists are accepting the storing and handling of personal data described in the following terms.


General information on RAM and the Panelist

These terms are created for panelists (ďPanelistsĒ or the ĒPanelistĒ) registering on the website Rampanel.com (ĒRampanelĒ). Rampanel is held and administered by Research and Analysis of Media in Sweden AB (ĒRAMĒ).

RAM is an international research company that helps media to interact with their audiences and offers them the opportunity to express their opinion. RAM provides the media with statistics about how advertisements, articles and other media communication are consumed, and what effects they have. RAM uses online surveys to analyse advertising and editorial content for media companies, media consultants and advertisers. This is achieved by asking Panelists questions.

Registered Panelists are offered to answer surveys which they can access online. The surveys will be related to the specific media panel that the Panelist has selected and can include questions about a specific article or advertisement published in a specific media channel. The results of the surveys are presented to RAMīs customers in an aggregated form. No identifiable individual information is shared.†† Participating in a survey is voluntary and given the Panelists commitment, the Panelist may receive rewards. A prerequisite for the participation in a panel is that the Panelist agrees to answer the surveys truthfully.†

A Panelist cannot be registered more than once in one panel and may not participate in more than five panels at the same time. The Panelist may at any time choose to no longer participate in Rampanel. The Panelist must be 16 years or older. RAM can at its own convenience terminate the participation of a Panelist if the Panelist violates these terms or the intentions of the terms. RAM shall then not be liable to fulfill its obligations towards the Panelist.†††

Rampanel follows the ESOMARís guidelines for market research.

Reward program

All RAMís customers (newspapers, magazines, apps or websites) are by agreement between RAM and the customer responsible for their own reward program. The Panelists get points or a chance to win premiums for each answered survey. RAM's customers decide premiums based on the number of points or the number of surveys. The customer reserves the right to change the reward points or reward options. The customer may also use credit systems to allow the Panelists to participate in a prize lottery. RAMís customers are responsible for the prize lotteries being conducted in accordance with the current rules on lotteries. The customer is always responsible for the panel's claims for rewards. Questions on rewards are can put to the designated e-mail address below.†


Information about how many surveys the Panelist has answered and/or how many points the Panelist has accumulated appears in a summary on the Panelistís own site. To obtain the offered premiums, when the customer uses scoring systems as a form of rewards, the Panelist must call for them. The Customer is responsible for the rewards to Panelist and for any tax effects associated with the payment.

RAMís as a data controller and the handling of personal data

RAM is the data controller of the information gathered from the Panelists and as such is bound by all applicable data protection legislation, including the coming legislation from the EU, the so called GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation, (EU) 2016/679 that will be implemented on the 25th of May 2018.

RAM collects, stores and handles personal data according to these terms. The definition of personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ('data subject'); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly. RAM treats the personal data of the panelist in accordance with current and coming legislation. That means that the legal grounds for handling personal data is based on explicit consent or where the data is needed to ensure that RAM fulfills its contractual obligation or to† comply with a legal requirement.

When registering on Rampanel, the Panelist submits certain personal information on the website. In addition to personal data such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, birth date, gender and marital status, RAM collects approximately 40 other demographic variables.† On entering the panel the panelist gives Ram the consent to place a so called cookie in the Panelist web reader. All information is used to present results to customers from surveys in an aggregated non identifiable form on how articles and ads are perceived and acted upon based on various interests and other variables stored. Part of the information is also used to administer rewards to the Panelist. A customer service function also uses the personal data to answer questions and handle administrative functions to help the Panelist.†††

RAM does not sell, rent out or disclose any information that can identify the Panelist to any external third party, except for service providers who assist RAM with e.g. data storage. Any subsidiary of RAM is not included in the term "external third party" above. When personal information is transmitted to RAM's clients, it is always in an anonymous, aggregated form. The personal identity is removed from all the results from surveys and it is not possible to track data to a certain Panelist.

RAM never uses personal information to send commercial offers that the Panelist has not requested. RAM uses the information provided to contact Panelists for specific purposes, for example announcements about the website, RAMís status, the Panelistís specific panel or for competitions or gifts that are connected to the panel.

The Panelist also gives its consent to be offered participation in larger, nationwide panels that RAM creates in different types of questions. Such participation is voluntary and requires an active choice from the Panelist.

RAM only transmits personal information if it is required by law or if RAM in good faith has a reason to believe that such action is necessary to (a) comply with legal obligations or requirements for legal proceedings or court orders, (b) protect and defend RAMís rights or (c) to protect RAMís users or others rights, property, or other interests, if those interests outweigh the Panelistís interest of protection against violation of privacy.

Data Processors

RAM has entered into Data Processor Agreements with subcontractors who on behalf of RAM handle Personal Data for specific purposes in accordance with legislation and the terms of these terms.


The website can contain links to other websites. RAM is not liable for the content or privacy measures on these websites. RAM urges the Panelist to pay attention when the Panelist leaves Rampanelís website, and that the Panelist reads the privacy notice and conditions of all websites that collect personal data.


RAM uses commercially reasonable measures to protect the Panelistís information. For example, RAM encrypts the personal information that the Panelist enters on the website with 128-bit encryption, which is the industry standard for secure encryption. Due to the characteristics of the Internet and the fact that network security measures are not infallible, RAM does not guarantee that the information is completely protected.

In addition to the encryption RAM uses to protect sensitive information online, RAM is also working to protect the Panelistís information offline. All personal data is classified on RAM's offices. Only employees who need the information to perform specific tasks have access to the information. All employees continuously receive information on RAM's security and privacy routines. Finally, the servers that store personal data are located in a safe environment in Sweden.

When the Panelist registers on Rampanel, the Panelist is asked to choose a username and password. RAM recommends the Panelist not to disclose the chosen password to anyone. RAM will not ask the Panelist for the password in any phone calls or e-mails that the Panelist did not request. The Panelist is also recommended to log out of the website and close the browser window when the Panelist has completed its work. This facilitates the protection of personal information and correspondence from unauthorized access.

Password management

When a panelist join a panel a register the panelist I asked to choose a username and a password. RAM recommends that the panelist does not reveal the password to anyone. RAM will never ask the panelist to use the password in e-mails or telephone conversations. The panelist is also recommended to log out from the webpage and shut down the web browser window when the panelist has completed the work or task in order protect their personal information.†††

The use of cookies

RAM uses cookies on the website in order to provide the user with personalized surveys, and to obtain information about visits to websites.

A cookie is a small text file stored on the user's computer. Cookies consist of a small set of data with information about what the user does when the user visits a website. Information collected through cookies can include what pages are accessed and the time that is spent on the website.

There are two types of cookies. One type saves a file for a long time on the user's computer and can for example be used to tell the user what is new on the website since the user last visited it. Once the expiration date is passed, the cookie is automatically deleted when the user returns to the website where it was created. The other type of cookie is called a session cookie and is temporarily stored in the computer's memory, for example to keep track of what language the user has selected. Session cookies are deleted when the browser is closed.

A distinction is made between first-party cookies and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are set by the owner of a website and third-party cookies are set by an external website, a third party. RAM uses first-party cookies when a panelist logs on.

RAM uses cookies in accordance with legislation related to electronic communications. It is therefore necessary that the user of the website receives information on the purpose for which cookies are used, and that the user consents to this use. If the information is properly addressed and the user's browser or other similar equipment is set to allow cookies, it is thereby considered as such consent.

Cookies are regular text files and cannot contain viruses. The files are small and only a certain number of cookies can be stored in the memory of a computer. Therefore, there is no risk of the memory becoming full because the user allows cookies.

The user can get information on, block and remove stored cookies if desired. The user can disable cookies through the security settings of the browser. If this is done, the function of the website might be limited.

Correct, update, delete and disable data

If the Panelistís personal information changes, the Panelist should correct or update it by logging in on the website.

If the Panelist wants RAM to remove or disable data from RAMís records or if the Panelist no longer wants to participate in Rampanel, it is sufficient to send an e-mail with this information to RAM, see contact information Section 6 below. If the Panelist chooses to terminate the membership in Rampanel, or if RAM removes the Panelist due to inactivity, all the data on the current account is deleted. This means that only demographic data remains for future reference searches and comparisons.


RAM may change these terms from time to time. If RAM decides to replace all of these terms, a clear message with this information will be posted on the website. If the terms change significantly in order to allow RAM to use any information that could identify the Panelist in a way that differs from what was stated when the information was collected, the Panelist will be notified by e-mail and given the opportunity to refuse such use of the information. If the Panelist has deleted/deactivated their account, the Panelist will not be contacted and their data will not be used in any such way. If RAM makes significant changes in privacy methods which affect the information already stored in the RAM database, RAM undertakes to post a clear notice on the website and highlight this information for the Panelist to see.

Contact information

If the Panelist has questions about these terms or wants to cancel their membership, the e-mail address below with the Panelistís country of residence, or closest to it, can be used.


Sweden:† info_swe@rampanel.com

Finland: info_fin@rampanel.com

Norway: info_nor@rampanel.com

Iceland: info_isl@rampanel.com

Denmark:† info_swe@rampanel.com

Estonia: info_fin@rampanel.com

UK & Ireland: info_uk@rampanel.com

Germany: info_deu@rampanel.com

Switzerland: info_che@rampanel.com

Poland: info_swe@rampanel.com

Other countries in Europe: info_swe@rampanel.com

North- and South America:

U.S.A: info_usa@rampanel.com

Canada: info_can@rampanel.com

Mexico: info_mex@rampanel.com

Barbados: info_usa@rampanel.com

Brazil: info_bra@rampanel.com

Puerto Rico: info_pri@rampanel.com

Other countries in South America: info_usa@rampanel.com